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Long update!

Well, it’s been a while!  I will try to briefly recap the happenings of this Barchie family in 2009, with a few pictures interspersed throughout the post. Here we go…

Last I updated, we had a closing date for our home and fortunately, it HAPPENED!! After some uncertainty the few days and hours before closing, and a mad dash to the bank (anyone else make the down payment check out to the wrong people? anyone? no…ok… 😛 ), we were able to finally close on our new home!  We moved in at the end of February..

Moving day!

Moving to the ‘burbs of Houston has been an adjustment for us, but we are really loving our new home, and feel truly blessed that the Lord provided us the perfect home, for a great price, in His timing! (BTW, no one warned me about yard work in 105 degree summers… um hello?!!!)  The next few months brought very few exciting updates.  We worked around the house, getting things set up and unpacked. . .

In June, for our one year anniversary, we took a long weekend trip to Cancun!   We stayed at a great all-inclusive, all-adults/couples resort!   I can’t rave enough about this resort, and we’ve already said we will totally be staying there again.. I am already longing to go back. It was so nice to be able to take a trip to celebrate our first anniversary, I really can’t believe it’s been a year – time flies!  🙂

The perfect view from our room!

Nice tanned toes by the pool

Hanging out our last night... a bit sunburned...

The rest of the year has brought about work changes, as well as Luke starting to work from home.  Although things haven’t gone quite as WE had planned them, we still are blessed beyond measure. Luke loves working from home, and I get to spend a couple of days a week watching my niece.  It’s been so much fun seeing her GROW so much!

not sure of the webcam and her face being on the screen!

In August, Luke purchased a new car!  His car, from 2003, was really on it’s last leg and one day died on us.  Luke wanted an Altima V6 – which are apparently very hard to come by.  I think we found the only one in something like 7 states. Crazy!  Of course, two months later, we were hit by a drunk driver in an almost-but-not-quite-head-on collision. Thankfully, we weren’t hurt, but the car was.  The car was in the shop for three weeks getting repaired. It was sad… but in the end, it has seemed to work out.  Oh yeah, plus we’re still alive – yay!

getting home in his new car 🙂 (pre-accident :P)

Besides our un-lovely start to the month of October (i.e. stupid drunk driver plowing into us) there were good times had. I, Jess, finally got baptized and we joined a great church.  We are so happy that we found it, I know God will do great things for us there!  (www.foundersbaptist.org – great sermons online, our Pastor is also on the radio if you’re in Houston!)  It was a good month for UH football and tailgating with friends.  We even took a quick trip to New Orleans for a game, so of course, that was fun!  And for Halloween, our niece came over and went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, dressed as a pirate – too cuute!!

November came, and with it more tailgating (duh!) and a really nice visit with family up in Dallas.  Thanksgiving was fun as well, my mom, Erica/GA/Adrienne all came with us to the big Barchie’s house (that is, Luke’s family) – and that’s always a good time!  Good food, good company, good rocket launching and good potatoe gun shooting!! 😉

Thanksgiving 2009

December brought the usual chaotic-shopping, Christmas-carol-listening, family-visiting times that the month always brings.  I was able to successfully make cookie dough truffles, learned a few other baking tips from Barbara and Katrinaa, and welcomed a new nephew into the world!  We had a great time spending Christmas Eve with my Dad and that whole side of the family, and Christmas day was spent with my mom’s side and the big Barchies. We also took a weekend trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding (woo hoo Elvis!!) and really enjoyed being there for that –  not to mention the good times that are had in Vegas!  (Besides the whole leaving-my-purse in a cab part, that wasn’t as fun.  But I DID learn how to get through airport security without an ID – and it’s quite easy. Go TSA!)

We are excited about what 2010 will bring…. and hopefully the next time I update it won’t be 2011. 🙂

I feel like I have been writing forever, or was it just because it took so long to figure out what happened a year ago?

…Either way, it is time for bed…


2 responses

  1. Jan

    great reading all this, now you need to post some inside pics of your house, now that you have it all set up. In contrast to the inside ones of the empty house….love you.

    February 1, 2010 at 6:53 am

  2. Next time it’s nice and clean I will do that! 😉

    February 1, 2010 at 8:41 pm

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