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Quick update of the past events in the life of Luke and Jess 🙂

We went to Europe! And had an awesome time exploring together.  We went to Lisbon, Madrid and Amsterdam. It was rainy every day of the trip, and very cold some nights, but we managed to have a great time anyways!! (It’s kinda hard not to have fun while in Europe.)

Pictures of our trip can be seen at picasaweb.google.com/jesss987.. but here are just a few…

My super cute hubby in downtown Lisboa 🙂

In Sintra, an old town a train-ride away from Lisbon.

Plaza Mayor - Madrid, Spain

Puerta del Sol - Madrid

Tapas!!! Mmmm..

Our wonderful hotel in Amsterdam!

Crazy stairs in our hotel - typical. This was only half way up to the main level and then there were two more staircases up to our floor. Good exercise 🙂

Yay Holland!

Gorgeous Amsterdam with my lovey.

I am so thankful that we got to go on this trip! We were both so excited and ready for another trip to Europe… now to only wait til the next big trip… 🙂

In March I took a trip to Dallas to see my Aunt Martha and cousins for an adorable 2-year old’s birthday party! I went with my mom, Erica and Adrienne. Adrienne is a great baby and does so good while traveling!

Luke and I took a quick trip to San Antonio for a family friend’s funeral early this month and stayed down on the Riverwalk. It is fun for me (Jess) to go to San Antonio and do touristy things.  I didn’t really get to do that growing up, since we usually went to visit with my family… like, what? San Antonio is touristy?? Who knew!?  AND  an EXTRA plus is knowing the tasty places to eat and not get the crap tourist food. (Chris Madrid’s, Blanco Cafe, Bill Miller’s… mmmm…. ok, gotta stop that.)

And NOW Memorial day weekend is staring us down and we are trying to find something to do or somewhere to go..  it looks like we might just take a drive up to Austin and hang out around there for the short holiday.

Ok, my attention span for updating a blog has long passed. Til next time, friends!


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