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It’s a ……..


We are so excited and thrilled that she cooperated with us, and the ultrasound tech was able to say she was SURE it’s a girl! 🙂

I had a feeling she was a girl, mainly because we saw no evidence of “boy” at the last u/s.  She was just so adorable on the u/s. Moving around, making “talking” movements with her mouth — a talker, who would’ve guessed with her family genes? 😉

I am feeling her every day now… little kicks, flops and punches. I am noticing more of a pattern in her activity: she’s more active at night, when I drink OJ, or other cold drinks.  Her daddy felt her Saturday, January 28th for the first time! He was thrilled.

So now the time comes to wait….. I had never really had this feeling of wanting our baby to be here, NOW! But it seems as soon as we walked out of the midwife’s office, I had this feeling of “ok, well, now that we know – when will she be heeeeere??”  I can now picture her, and daydream, just knowing that these last 4 months will take FOR-EV-ERRRR. I will just relax and enjoy being pregnant.  I still can’t get over that at times… and we are 22 weeks into this!

An u/s picture to close with. Have a lovely day.


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