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Let’s hear it for New York *singing*

Good morning!

Monday mornings are painful for most people, but since I don’t work Mondays, I don’t mind them. This will make many people jealous. I sit here THIS Monday morning barely able to contain my excitement for NEW YORK CITY! Luke and I love to travel and decided to make THE last baby-less trip of our lives (not baby-less TRIP, I guess, since I am sure we’ll make more trips without our baby… BUT the baby will be on the earth and alive, thus meaning an extra little human to think about. I digress.)

Where would we go? Europe seemed too far – and expensive. Domestic it would have to be. San Francisco and New York are the cities we had it narrowed down to. NYC is what we ultimately decided, although it will be cold. This winter hasn’t been too bad, though. And the oh-so-accurate weather.com has predicted that the temps will be in the mid-40’s during the day. Luckily my lone winter coat (this is Texas, we only need one) still zips over my growing belly! I will be more prepared with appropriate clothing, as opposed to our Chicago trip last year – in APRIL, a SPRING month, didn’t they get the memo?

We have rented an apartment for 4 nights, in the Chelsea/Flatiron area. I have been researching things to do, places to eat, etc. I LOVE that part of trip planning. Sometimes it all goes out the window once we get to our destination, but that’s ok, too. It gets me pumped for the trip.  Also, I found some boots for $16 (!!) and a nice coat for Luke for $40 (!!!!). Yay for winter being over in Houston in February! 🙂

Pregnancy is going good. I do feel pretty great, less tired, nauseous, yaddayadda, compared to the first trimester. We have started going to our childbirth classes – yay! We are taking a Bradley Method class and have learned a lot in just two classes. I love that the method involves the coach so much, and I think my husband will be an awesome coach. Hopefully I’m a cooperative player – and our little girl, too. 😉

So far we’ve learned some relaxation techniques, pregnancy “exercises” (pelvis tilts, kegels, butterflies – fun.) and nutrition stuff. Although, my midwife was very thorough our first appointment to discuss nutrition. In our class, only two out of five couples’ care providers had discussed nutrition with them! I was shocked. It is amazing that OBs do not place much emphasis on nutrition during pregnancy. We are the only couple having an out of hospital birth out of the class. I do hope these women can have their natural childbirth in a hospital setting.

I will be 25 weeks in a couple of days and am shocked at how fast the time has gone so far!  I am almost a full 6 months pregnant. Crazy. I know I say this every time, but I still have days that I am amazed we are on this journey. And always thankful.  My friend had her baby shower this past weekend, she’s about 8 weeks ahead of me, and it made everything so much more real! And also inspired me to add some more stuff to our baby registry. Long way to go for that…

Besides the occasional backache and weepy moment, and getting tired of sleeping on my sides, I am feeling physically good. I will benefit from all the walking in NY I’m sure.  We have also almost finished painting the nursery. I will post a picture once it’s complete. Now the fun part, finding curtains and decor. 🙂

I will leave you with my fruit of the month.

Until next time..




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