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Well, we are back from our babymoon to NYC! It was a fun and fabulous trip. So glad we were able to go and very satisfied with all we were able to do and see. I didn’t even whine that much! 😉

My husband is the BEST. He was so good about making sure I wasn’t over-doing anything, staying hydrated, and just made me slow down when he knew I should.  He is going to be a wonderful daddy, of this I am sure.

Recap of the trip:

Thursday – arrived in NYC; found our apartment; got checked in by the unfriendly Jamaican super; pizza lunch!; first subway ride up to Times Square area to find the Ed Sullivan theater; taping of Dave Letterman (Mr. Ferris Bueller as the guest); dinner at a TASTY Italian restaurant (probably the best bolognese sauce I’ve had this side of the Atlantic); and then back “home”.

  • Our apartment was very cute and small, in the Chelsea area. It was great for our purposes, but living there would be so depressing.  I kinda love my little house here in Houston. 🙂
  • Pizza, mmmmm — thin, crispy, wonderful.
  • Subways were kinda my favorite part of the city – don’t tell anyone. 😉 This is the same for all cities with subways/metros. Luke thought this was funny. I will admit I was a little sad on our last subway ride.
  • The Tonight Show is pretty lame, I must admit. Dave’s just not very funny anymore.. but it was cool to see the taping and how it all went down. Luke and I both had to use the bathroom during the taping. I pulled the pregnancy card. It’s handy.
  • Da Mikele on Church St, thank you for your delicious food. I was so happy to have tasted yummy, real, Bolognese sauce again since my honeymoon experience in Bologna.

Friday – weather was drizzly, gloomy, grey; went to H&M to visit the maternity section; WTC memorial; Wall St.; dinner at a Peruvian/Spanish/Chinese (whaaaa?) restaurant; comedy show!

  • Went to H&M, bought some maternity shorts. YAY! It had such cute clothes, I can’t wait til I’m not pregnant and H&M opens a store in Houston – I’ve heard rumors!
  • Peruvian/Spanish/Chinese – weird mix? Yes. Wait staff confused me, as well.
  • Comedy show was good. Half the comedians were funny. One lady was terrible – all single mom jokes, ftw? no.  It was really cool to experience a real NY comedy club, though. We luuuuv some stand up.

Saturday – The Strand Bookstore, Roosevelt’s home, Pizza dinner in East Village, Top of the Rock.

  • The Strand is a bookstore with 4 floors of books “18 miles” – crazy. It was neat to walk around, I got a book on vaccines I had been wanting, Luke got a few books.
  • Hung around a little around the Union Square area. Walked through a farmer’s market they have every Saturday.
  • Roosevelt’s house was a few blocks away, and since I had recently read (part of) a big book about his life, I was interested. This was the home he was birthed in and grew up in til he was about 14. The tour guide gave really interesting information. Probably more than the average person would be interested in, but I liked it!
  • That night, went to Top of the Rock for the view of the city. We decided to do this instead of Empire State Building. It was a CRAZY windy day, so the very top viewing deck was closed, but we still got to go outside on another deck. Crazy good views, loved it!
  • By the end of this night I was super pooped. We did no more. 🙂

Sunday – Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, late lunch in Chinatown, Chicago on Broadway and Times Square.

  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island were both cool. I was surprisingly unimpressed with the Statue. Meh. But the day was GORGEOUS and the lines were short, so we were happy to walk around! Ellis Island has a cool museum and a “walk-through” tour of things you’d go through if you were an immigrant. We found Luke’s great grandpa in the archive, which was really cool.
  • Lunch in Chinatown was good, got some cheap souvenirs, too. We were the only white people in the restaurant, so I guess that was a good sign?
  • Chicago was FUNNN! I thoroughly enjoyed the production, although pretty small scale compared to other Broadway shows I hear, but entertaining none the less. We walked around Times Square after that and that was crazy! We had gone during the day before, but at night it was so different. It was energized! It was probably my favorite thing we did at night on our trip.

Monday – last day in NYC! 😦  We got up, found our crazy super to put our bags in the Rastafarian-themed basement, picked up lunch at a deli, had lunch in Central Park, and had a quick trip to Chelsea Market.

  • Central Park was so lovely. The weather was nice enough that I was walking around with no jacket. Loved eating lunch there. Luke said he’d love to be able to leave his office and go to a park like that to eat lunch…
  • Chelsea Market was fun to walk around, lots of little specialty food stores/cafes. We stopped into one place and I got a little cheesecake and french apple tart. So yummy.
  • Came home! 😦





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