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Gestational Diabetes — yay.

So I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Bummer.

I am finishing my second week of monitoring my blood sugar levels. They have all been fine, except a few.  So I am considered “diet controlled” and it should be fine!  Honestly, it’s helped me figure out things that my body can’t process as well, and I feel better all around! I kinda like being able to monitor this, I have such control. It’s neat finding patterns in foods I eat, and what works vs. what doesn’t. So far I haven’t really had any moments where I just HAD to have xyz and couldn’t.  Portion control plays a role, too. I can have pasta, just not a huge plate.  Which is fine, since my stomach has shrunk to what seems like the size of a walnut.  All-in-all my midwife appointment yesterday helped calm me and assure me that a healthy pregnancy and delivery is still so attainable. She also said that pregnancy is just a time when the body is more insulin resistant. It happens. But I am happy. 🙂

Other than that, my appointment went great. Baby is measuring just fine, heart rate was in the 130’s, and I am still feeling pretty dang good. Sleeping (comfortably) has become a little harder. I have up to 4 pillows during the night to help me be comfortable – all different in thickness/hardness. The “correct” positioning of these pillows changes throughout the night. Crazy? Yes.

She is SO active now. Well, I guess she has been all along. But now I can feel EVERY little movement, it’s so funny. I am enjoying this time SO much. Luke could hardly sleep the other night because while he lay with his hand on my belly, she was having one of her “dance parties” as well like to call it.  I have yet to feel hiccups, though. I wonder if this will happen eventually…

We have our 3d/4d ultrasound coming up Saturday, and we are both super excited to see our little girl again! After that, it’s off to Target to register for more baby stuff. Luke is thrilled! 😉

More updates to come in the exciting life of pregnant Jess….


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  1. So sorry to hear about your diabetes! I will be praying that all will be well and you will have no complications! Normally the only thing they are concerned about is the Baby being too big! And I didn’t know you are having a midwife too! So am I! I am having a home birth. So hopefully all will go well. Have you picked a name for “Baby Girl” yet? We have chosen Marissa Lynn. My mom actually picked it out. 🙂

    March 22, 2012 at 9:57 pm

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