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Last month, what?!

I am already at (almost) 36 weeks… and I haven’t updated in nearly a month! Where has the time gone??

In my defense, April was a busy month. It seems we had stuff to do every weekend in April. Hardly any of which I can remember now, of course….

Claire is being ever so active. I feel like she’s gaining about, oh, 5lbs. per week… that whole gaining 1/2 lb each week these last few weeks is no joke!  Each 1/2 lb is felt.  The human body is amazing.  My food logging/gestational diabetes is going ok. The last week of April I came down with a cold – of course, at the end of the pregnancy – and that made my glucose numbers go a little whacky. I am finally feeling better, and my numbers seem to be finally coming back down to what I have been used to. So lessons learned – illnesses affect glucose levels like crazy, as well as Sudafed. Who knew?

I must admit… I canNOT wait until this is over. And the biggest reason is because of the GD. It has been pure torture for a pregnant woman to be so restrictive about what she can eat. It seems so cruel. Some days it honestly seems easier to not eat than to find something I want to eat and  CAN eat… sigh. I know, first world problem….

Other reasons, which have only recently came up, for wanting this pregnancy to be over – 1. pelvic pressure (maybe this has something to do with how LOW this child is in my pelvis) 2. frequent urination (I thought I was urinating “frequently” weeks ago…. but no. I had no idea what that word meant),  3. and of course, I want to see my girl.  I still daydream all the time about what she will look like or what personality traits she’ll have.  I just can’t wait to meet her. I love her so much already!

Now I will brag. At 34 weeks pregnant, I traveled to Florida for the funeral of Luke’s grandma, Lucille. It was a sweet service and I am so glad I got to go. It meant a lot to be able to be there for my husband and his family. Unfortunately, physically getting to Florida (and home) was a different story. I got my first experience of true stand-by flying, failing to get on two flights each way.  For a pregnant woman, seeing her husband get on a flight, and being left behind in an airport, was no fun.  Plus I was sick.  Needless to say, I was SO happy (exhausted, emotional, etc) when I got home.

One more month. 🙂


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