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6 weeks?!

I am going in today for my six week postpartum check up with my midwife!

Where has the time gone…??  My little newborn baby is 6 weeks old now, and she’s changing every day. It’s amazing! Today she smiled… and I am fairly certain she meant to! I got a picture or two.  I have been taking tons of pictures on my phone and when I look back I am amazed seeing how much she has physically changed the past 6 weeks.

She is sleeping pretty good. Last night she slept almost 5 hours straight! At least, *I* did – daddy stayed up and helped her re-insert paci numerous times while I slept soundly next to them.  I am glad we introduced the paci, I think it surprisingly helped her suck better at the breast. BUT it is kind of a pain when she won’t go to sleep and keeps wanting her paci back in the mouth because she’s too young to know how to put it back in…. ANYways! This time will pass quickly. 

That’s what I keep telling myself. During both good AND bad times.  I constantly try to remember to remind myself that this little precious newborn will soon be sitting up, laughing, crawling, walking(!), talking, talking back, etc. And I must savor every moment right now. Even re-inserting paci ever few minutes while trying to fall asleep. 

Co-sleeping has made it easier to do this.  Luke and I both agreed “we will never co-sleep! We don’t want to roll over on our baby and suffocate her!” – after hearing horror stories of this happening.  Well, she got here, and we changed our tune. It’s so. much. easier. I would love to tell you all that I am doing it to bond with my baby, and snuggle with her, blahblah. But honestly, it’s because I’m lazy. Yep, it’s true.  I know, shocking!  But it makes the paci thing, soothing her if she’s fussy, and of course, those nursing sessions in the night way easier. Even getting out of bed to re-insert the paci for Claire in a cradle NEXT to my bed seems like too much of an effort. Yeah. 

ANYways.. now that I’ve admitted my laziness I will also admit I have thought to myself “ok, I hate breastfeeding right NOW.”  When? At 2am of course. When I look to my right and see my husband soundly sleeping. Probably dreaming. I just want to slap him sometimes! I know, it’s not fair. But at those times I have said “damnit, can’t she just have a bottle of formula so Luke can wake up and give it to her!!” During the day? I go from having times when nursing is “ok” to actually liking it. That’s my breastfeeding journey so far. 🙂

We have given her a few bottles. They have all gone smoothly, except for that cold bottle I tried giving her. Never again. I don’t think her tummy liked it. We even had a night out for Luke’s birthday last Saturday while Aunt Jane and Aunt Sara watched her. Thank you, bottles!  

Claire has really scheduled herself re: feedings, too. Every 2.5 – 3 hours she’s ready to eat (except some nights, when she sleeps longer). She’s just an amazing little baby! So smart. Prooooobably the smartest baby. Ever. 

She’s waking from her nap, so time to go stick a boob in her… 

bbl. 🙂


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