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3 Months!

Wow, it’s been a couple months since I’ve updated. Claire turned 3 months last week… tomorrow she will be 14 weeks old!

Lately her new favorite trick is sticking her tongue out when you stick yours out. This makes her smile SO big with that toothless little mouth of hers. Wow, cutest. thing. ever. She also loves to “sit up” (this means, you hold her sitting up in your lap, as she can’t REALLY sit up on her own, yet.) and she also loves to “stand”. Once you take her hands and she’s sitting in front of you, she knows it’s her cue to stand up. She is just sooo proud of herself. Hilarious.

We just got back from our annual Barchie Florida Trip.  It was a great time, but Claire wasn’t really able to participate much in all the activities as it was far too cold in the pool and the ocean. But, she did get to take walks on the beach (not impressed.) and have an audience of aunts/uncles/grandparents ALL week. When we got home I think she was a little sad, like, “hey, where did all my entertainers go?? I demand you hire them back, mama!”

She is working with her hands much better. She reaches for toys and although she’s not at a 100% accuracy rate yet, she does hit them. She is also getting better at putting her little blankies in her mouth and trying to suck on them. She laughs, smiles all the time, and falls asleep easier. She recognizes her mama and daddy and is becoming so much fun to be with. It’s so rewarding to have her smile back at me. It’s like a sign of appreciation…. it’s hard going a couple of months with hardly any positive feedback. It will only get better as coos turn into “mamas” and those turn into “i-love-you-mama”s!


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