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Life is rolling along…

Life is still trekking along.

Claire is almost 6 months old.  I can hardly believe it.  Half a YEAR. What?!

I am loving this holiday season even more with a baby. I loved it before, but now it’s extra special. I think even LUKE will enjoy it more. Or enjoy it, period.

Claire was officially a strawberry for Halloween, but also had two costumes from Aunt Erica that made cute photos (chicken and pizza. pizza was CUTE.) We had our traditional little Halloweeny party with the family. Including the new Mr. and Mrs. Weisenburger, who should’ve been in Italy, but got delayed because of Hurricane Sandy and got to stay around for a week after their wedding.

New fun Claire developments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rolling over both directions has been happening since around 4 months. Though the back to tummy rarely happens because – why would she WANT to be on her tummy? Duh.
  • Laughing and smiling more, and even to complete strangers. Which is just awesome.
  • I am still nursing. I am surprised and happy with myself for sticking with it. It’s easier, that I have said before, but now the thought of weening makes me sad. We will see. I’m taking it one day, week, month, at a time.
  • She loves the animals. If Tony or the cats enter the room, her eyes are on them. Cute.
  • She wants mama more and more. It’s cute a lot of the time, but when others want to hold her or I am busy, it’s not AS cute. 😛
  • Claire is ready to move. Like, yesterday. She sits up and lunges around, grabbing for everything in her reach. Sitting up is nice, she has done the high chair thing at restaurants, too.
  • We have started solids! So far she enjoys sweet potatoes, squash, and green beans. She thought peaches, avocado and bananas are *ok*.

More to come… baby is awake!


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