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Where did the year go?

Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas have both passed since I have updated the blog! Ooooops.

Claire is just over 7 months (on Christmas Eve she turned 7 months). My baby is not a tiny baby anymore. It makes me sad, but so happy to see her growing and doing all these new tricks! It’s amazing.

She has been sitting up unassisted now for a while. She is trying with all her might to get up on her knees and crawl, but I still predict we are a ways away from an efficient crawler! 😉  She can do an inch worm type crawl if she’s REALLY feeling up to it. I am not really anxious, she is doing awesome and when she becomes mobile I know it will be harder to keep her from falls/bumps/ouchies of all kinds.

She laughs at us more, and totally recognizes daddy and mommy. She says “dadadadada” and occasionally a “mamamama” or “yayayya” or “gagagaga”. It’s so cute. She sleeps pretty decently, really a good 6-7 hour stretch at least most nights. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, we are better able to tell if she’s crying for a REASON or just cause she’s tired. If it’s the latter she is getting good at putting herself back to sleep (and quickly). I remember I posted that paci entry a few months back, but now she doesn’t even TAKE a paci!! She just decided one day that she didn’t want it. Strange.

Claire is eating up a storm! She eats mostly purees still — fruits, veggies, chicken and rice dinners. YEAH. She’s got quite the little palette. 😉  I do hope she loves food and i’m hoping to really expose her to different flavors of things. She has eaten bananas, avocados and other mushy type foods herself. She loves to gum on bread – especially sourdough.

She takes two naps a day – a good hour-long nap in the morning and a nice 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. She is such a little independent thing, doesn’t want to take her afternoon naps with mama anymore, just in her crib is fine with her! The older and more independent she gets it’s bittersweet for mama. I am happy that she’s doing things on her own and able to entertain herself, but part of me misses the tiny baby that was entertained by just sitting on my legs and looking at my face. Sigh.

For Thanksgiving we had a small dinner at the big Barchie house (which they have now sold and moved to the Woodlands – so nice to have them closer!). It was our last holiday in that house – sad! But I know Claire will see them more often now that they are closer. My mom stayed in Kerrville to spend the holiday with Terry and one of his daughters.  At the end of November my mom was able to rent out our house, which is another sad moment – especially for her. We lived in that house for 23 years!  It is strange to know that I won’t be going to that house anymore…

At the beginning of December, Claire and I flew to San Antonio to see Grammy! Claire’s first flight went so smoothly. It was only an hour, and I timed out the perfect flight time. I was able to get on the plane, nurse her, and she fell right to sleep for a good 30 minutes. By the time she woke up we were making our descent into SA. Mom picked us up, and we spent a couple of days with her. We also got to see Great Grandma, which was special. Luke drove up after work Friday, Saturday we went to Enchanted Rock and little Claire made her first hike! She loved it.

Christmas was spent here at home, I hosted our small family lunch. It was so nice not having to run around to different houses on Christmas. And Claire got her naps in – always a plus.

We are all so blessed and got more than any of us need – as with every Christmas. Claire loves playing with her new bigger girl toys – that make noise and interact with her. I am not big on shopping, so the next time she will get toys is probably her first birthday. 😛  But I think we’ll be good! ha.

These posts are so boring, but I’m trying to get all my thoughts/memories down during nap time so that I don’t forget!  Anyways… what is NOT boring? Pictures! Here are a few from our recent festivities/travels/holidays…





DSC_1440-1 (1)

‘ First Christmas – beginning of December 2012



Adrienne and Claire with Great Grandma and Great Uncle Ben


Enchanted Rock hike!

Enchanted Rock hike!


Our first Christmas!

Our first Christmas!


NMS_1601_zps1ddec3af-1_zpsfe7229d9 (1)















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