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Oh Roseola…

Claire was diagnosed with Roseola. I was/am a little worried it may be a reaction to an antibiotic (most likely Amoxicillin) but the doc said Roseola. She ran a high-ish (not quite 102) fever for 2-3 days, on the 3rd day the rash started. Which seems to indicate classic Roseola. She is now a little whiney and had a decrease in appetite. Also symptoms. Anyways.. I just feel so bad for my little baby. She LOOKS miserable, but isn’t acting completely miserable. So that’s a plus!

I wanted to share these photos cause I know when anything happens to Claire the first things I do is google. So, maybe these photos will help someone else. 😛

The first day it started very small, Luke and I were not concerned at all, thought maybe a heat rash from being so hot with fever or I even thought roseola to myself (after googling, of course.)



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