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Our life

I love this life

Claire is just over 8 months. She’s crawling, pulling up everywhere, eating like crazy and gabbing away.

Once I had a newborn that sweetly laid on my lap and was totally content to just stare at my face during her brief awake moments..

Now I have this kiddo that seriously makes me laugh and have a mini panic attack (“what is she chewing on!?”) every other moment..

Her latest thing is sitting up and pulling up in her crib. I was lucky enough to witness her first attempt, while I peeked through her door, she was just. so. amused. that it made me giggle. Now it’s not so cute. Especially at 3am when she’s half asleep, crying, cause she can’t figure out how to lay back down.

I love this girl.




Merry Christmas!

Luke and I had a great time spending our first married Christmas with family!  Christmas Eve was spent with my family at my dad’s house.  We had fun sitting around and watching a Christmas Story.  We spent the evening at my sister’s house with my mom, sister and brother-in-law.

We woke up Christmas morning and my four-month old niece “opened” her presents – it was too cute!  We got alot of great presents – nice decorations (and lamps) for our soon-to-be house, gift cards, and other good, useful things!  Later on Christmas day we spent time with Luke’s family. And even my mom, Erica and GA came with us, too.  We had fun spending time with all our family, including Luke’s grandma who came to visit from Florida!   By the end of the day we were pretty exhausted and spent another night with Erica and GA and played Scene It – the Seinfeld edition and  Trivial Pursuit.  We lost both games…. although, we should’ve had the Seinfeld game… 😛

I have successfully put away all of our Christmas presents (which, for me, is quite an accomplishment only two days after Christmas!) and we are now looking forward to New Years!!

Hoping everyone had as great a Christmas as we did,

Jess and Luke 🙂

Our honeymoon

Our honeymoon was so fabulous! After our wedding on June 13, we took a 12 day trip to Italy. We flew into Rome and stayed there for 5 nights. The apartment was really cool.. Here’s a picture of it..

Apartment living room

Apartment living room

The bedroom with the bathroom to the left down the little hall

The bedroom with the bathroom to the left down the little hall

After Rome we traveled by train to Florence for three nights!

Luke sitting outside of the Duomo

Luke sitting outside of the Duomo

After Florence, we had one night in Bologna..

The two bell towers - one of them is leaning badly, the other we climbed!

The two bell towers - one of them is leaning badly, the other we climbed!

We had our best meal in Bologna, I am still trying to find a *true* Bolognese sauce here in Houston.. I have a feeling my search will go on for a long time…

Our last stop was in Venice, where we stayed for two nights. It was humid and very confusing, but really worth visiting. I am glad I got to see it before it goes into the sea! 🙂

On the gondola ride in the grand canal!

On the gondola ride in the grand canal!

We had a blast, loved every minute of it. 🙂

Hello e-world!

Hi, this is an attempt to keep family and friends updated with the newly-wedded lives of Jess and Luke!!

First off,  we will post the link to our wedding/engagement/everything else pictures! You can view all the pictures here:


You have to provide an email address but it is not for spam or anything else!

Love to all,

Luke and Jess